Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bassett Handcrafts is now on Etsy!

It's taken some time to get up and running with all the local farmers markets we have been doing, but we are finally all set to go on Etsy! 

You can search for us on Etsy by typing in our store, "BassettHandcrafts" or by using the link above.

Check us out, pin your favorite items... Maybe find a great Valentines Day present for that special someone.

All pens and pencils can be refilled so you can continue to write and draw in style for years to come!

General Pricing (Including Custom Orders):
Slimline or Fatline Pens: $15.00
Pencils: $18.00
Stylus pens: $20.00
Letter Openers $20.00

Matching Pen + Pencil: $30.00 (Save $3!)
Matching Pen + Letter Opener: $30.00 (Save $5!)
Triple Set: Pen, Pencil, & Letter Opener: $45.00 (Save $8!)

Custom Orders Available!
See a particular color or material you like but want something different? perhaps a thicker fat-line style... or a matching pencil... a stylus tip... gold plated instead of chrome? Send an email to and he'll be happy to create an item to your liking and either send you a direct invoice, or place it in our etsy shop for you to purchase.

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