Friday, April 6, 2012

A few samples from our new product line

Just a small collection of some of our current inventory of handmade, wood and acrylic turned items. My husband is especially proud of the Bocote pen light that we made as a gift for one of our friends who had graduated college and now works as an EMT. The pen/light combo will be great for him while he's on the job.

 so this letter opener is made of red heart
 this bottle opener is made of purple heart
 this bottle opener is made of cedar
 this pen light is made of bocote
 this pen is made of a blue acrylic
 this pen is made of redheart
 this is the pen and the letter opener shown as a set since they are both redheart
 these are two acrylic pens
and this pen is made of dyed and stabalized box elder burl

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